Hello …

Welcome to my website, Sarah Mcalpine Art.  My name is Sarah and I live in Rotorua New Zealand.  I have a very busy husband and two active children.

My background is childcare and I have worked in this field for 18 years.  My passion is to be involved in quality childcare and a part of that is helping to create environments that encourage, support and grow a child’ learning.  Environments that are aesthetically pleasing but also cater to needs of each individual child, their interests and their learning styles.

I also support Art as a building block of child development, with opportunities for creative development being readily available at all times, as part of the daily program in child care.

I have always loved to draw and as a child this was a daily activity for me.  I would of loved to pursue a career in Art and Design after school but  other influences led me into the world of Nannying, in the UK and then later as an Early Childhood Teacher here in New Zealand and then as a Centre Manager.  My family and I also spent 7 years in Australia where I worked as a Centre Manager in a remote community and afterwards in Cairns, running a 75 place centre.

I produce décor items to support children’s appreciation of visual aesthetics.  My main products are prints, banners, peg dolls and origami dress bunting.  I welcome custom orders too and produce original art pieces.  In the future I would also like to support the use of recyclable items in more of my work and also as part of the environments children are a part of.  Looking at the environment, limiting waste and discovering the treasures we already have around us for our own taonga (treasure), our children.