Galaxy Peg Dolls

The Galaxy …a system of million or billion of stars …

Galaxy Peg dolls are reflection of this in your child’s décor.  Beautiful crafted wooden peg dolls in small and large.  A monochrome of black  and white, with a hint of colour to suit a décor or favourite shade.  Dazzled and brighten with a glaze of gloss medium varnish, to offer some protection.

A delicate addition to a bookcase or hanging shelf.  A wonderful prop for photographs and flat lays.

Peg dolls are for décor purposes only and are not a toy.




First post

This is my very first blog post!  I created my website to share my love of Art and Décor.  I plan to provide an opportunity to showcase some of my work, which can be purchased through my Facebook page or at and support and work with other small businesses.

I plan to open discussion and thoughts towards the Arts and aesthetically pleasing environments in childcare.  Learning how offering creative activities, choice, variety, open ended materials, loose parts, purposeful displays, safe exploration and engaging areas, helps a child to feel safe, loved and learning.